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The Last Roll of Kodachrome

April 29, 2015

Kodak’s Kodachrome film was without a doubt one of the most popular and storied colour film emulsions ever produced. With a production run from 1935 to 2010, enjoy this fascinating look as Steve McCurry traveled the world to shoot the final roll for National Geographic. 36 frames, no pressure!

Read more about the last roll and see more of his phenomenal photography on Steve McCurry’s blog.

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Show Time For The Traveling Yashica

April 6, 2015

Travelling Yashica-3388

The Traveling Yashica finally hit Vancouver last month. My stop was the 24th on the globe-trotting little compact’s adventure, and I believe it had been nearly a full year from the time I first signed up. So far with analog photography, I’ve mostly been shooting SLRs (love my trusty Nikon FE2) and dabbling in a bit of medium format (who doesn’t love a Rolleiflex?). But this project gave me an excellent excuse to expand my boundaries to the world of 35mm compacts, something I would not likely have tried on my own. Continue Reading…

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Traveling Yashica In Vancouver

March 23, 2015

Well over a year ago, I stumbled across the very cool Traveling Yashica project at Hamish Gill’s excellent 35MMC blog, and immediately added my name to the list of eager participants. It’s not too often that a film photography project like this goes global, so I just had to jump at the opportunity. Check out the project page for more details, and be prepared to be patient if you’re looking to join.

This week, a little package arrived from Delaware, on the other side of North America. I’ve been running around shooting this wonderful little compact camera all week, and will have more photos and a full review to share shortly. For now, a couple of shots taken with the Yashica, both on Kodak Tri-X 400:

Vancouver's Top Barber, Farzad Salehi.

Vancouver’s Top Barber, Farzad Salehi.

Steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Downtown Vancouver.

Steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Downtown Vancouver.

Go sign up for the project – and stay tuned for more on the Traveling Yashica’s all-too-brief stop in Vancouver!

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Film Photography Time Capsules

January 17, 2015

In this digital age, film photography often evokes nostalgia. Most of the time, this nostalgia revolves around using ‘old’ tools from to record today’s moments, but occasionally magical stories emerge about images and photographers of the past being discovered for the very first time, decades later. John Maloof (and others) brought Vivian Maier to the world after accidentally uncovering thousands of her negatives at a storage auction.

A new story that can’t help but remind me of Maier, is now coming out through Levi Bettweiser at the Rescued Film Project. But this one contains its own unique twists as well. Watch below as Levi talks about his discovery, and some of the thrills and challenges of having to deal with undeveloped film from World War II:

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A Brief Pre-History of Photography

January 4, 2015

I’m looking forward to building Rewild Photography into a destination for sharing stories about re-vitalizing photography’s roots, and can think of no better place to start than this really cool video primer from George Eastman House on the history of imaging techniques before photography existed:

I think it’s fascinating to see how for centuries we’ve been harnessing light as the most authentic means of creating images of people and scenery. The camera obscura and other techniques described in the video pre-date anything that would be officially termed photography, but they remain at the core of the art and craft of photography to this day.